Tre5 Trucks from Roadside with Delmo

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When running a shop, it is tough to find time for projects of your own. While Jeremy Rice of Tre5 Customs has had a handful of custom personal vehicles over the years he has always wanted a classic 1947-53 Chevrolet AD Pickup of his own. A few years ago, he ventured up to Flagstaff and came home with barely a cab and title. He looked to LMC Truck to fill out the rest of the sheet metal needs, Intro Wheels for rolling billets and a pullout 5.7L LS1 engine.

The LS was outfitted with a Comp Cams camshaft and Professional Products intake along with a K&N intake tube from a Tahoe. The truck sits low on a converted S-10 chassis thanks to AD Engineering and Ridetech coilovers. Frank Reichlin at nearby IKandy Paintworks worked out a trade deal to coat the classic in a modern GM White Diamond Ice Pearl using MetalLux products where the truck, dubbed “Cindy,” would debut at the SEMA show.

While finishing his personal truck, Jeremy, Frank and the rest of the crew was working on another SEMA project. Shane Rodriguez, better known as “El Primo,” pulled himself up and built a thriving business in the oil fields of Carlsbad, New Mexico. As success came, the passion to enjoy some of the things what he always wanted growing up; namely classic cars and trucks. It was at Dino’s Git Down in 2014, that Primo talked with Jeremy about his biggest project. Take a clean square body truck and amplify the factory touches in a streamlined, modernized form.

Underneath the sheetmetal sits a chassis upgraded with Porterbuilt Front and 24×15 Rear Dropmembers to accommodate the 12-inch wide Intro wheels and Black Widow Exhaust. A Currie 9+ rear end with Baer brakes sites under the Bed Wood trap door along side an AccuAir eLevel and VIAIR compressors.

On the inside, a hot rod interior was designed with a few custom touches to match. The goal for the paint job, completed by IKandy was to mimic the factory copper but with plenty more metallic and modern pop. After debuting at SEMA with Klein Air Horns, the crowning moment that put a smile on Primo’s face was cruising it to Goodguys after Dino’s Git Down, even if it was too “new” of a truck to be let into the show.

While Delmo was busy debuting Tino’s “La Fawnda” ‘1965 truck at SEMA; Jeremy and Del unwinded with some go kart racing and karaoke, and well whatever else happens in Vegas. They decided to meet up to checkout Tre5 and the trucks after Dino’s Git Down.