Art of the Skilled Hand: Pinstriper

In every generation, there exists those with the desire… & the skill… to craft things with our own hands. Perhaps it was passed down from a Grandfather, or perhaps it’s simply an old soul living in the modern day. It’s a new approach but with traditional values. It’s nostalgia that’s not old. Sometimes it’s taking what was, & making it what is, only better. Other times it’s creating something new, but with a solid respect for the traditions of the past. Craftsmanship is making a renaissance, & it’s in the art of the skilled hand.

The Art of The Skilled Hand Perfection is relative. Tastes are personal. Craftsmanship is universal. Mirror Bright was created to embody this ideal, and empower individuals to recraft their own traditions.

The first episode looks at DA Designs, a pinstriper and painter from Southern California.