Streetable Ford Engine Building a 448 Small Block Ford Engine Using Summit Racing Components

Modern technology continues to change our world everyday, as always the forefront of this electronic world is the powerful internet allowing the “point and click” world of users to gain vital information faster than ever had been known before. For anyone to deny that this hasn’t changed the way people purchase goods and services in todays world would be foolish, as anything can be found, or purchased nowadays on the internet. The automotive aftermarket is one industry that has benefitted the most from the wave of technology, as obtaining information, and purchasing speed parts has become as simple as purchasing household odds and ends.

To prove this theory, we wanted to set out to test this concept, where we were looking to see if any average automotive enthusiast could learn how to build a stout, streetcar engine somewhere around the 500-600 horse power rating while gaining only their knowledge on building the engine on line, plus using only the internet to purchase all the items to have them shipped directly to their door. Seems pretty simple right? Well we thought so, as this should be a no brainer however contrary to our belief we searched around the internet and were surprised to find only a few well done walk throughs on how to assemble a performance engine, and even fewer sources where one can purchase all the items from one place.

So to make things right, we contacted Peter Guy from Peter Guy Racing engines, based out of Fresno CA, to see if we could build a street- car engine capable of producing enough horse-power to propel a muscle car to modern sports car numbers, while still maintaining all the reliability, as well as drivability that would allow the average joe to drive their vehicle on a daily basis. Taking advice from our professional engine builder, he instructed us to look at the summit racing website where we could purchase all of the required items that would allow an average guy to assemble this type of engine in the confines of their own garage.

To spice things up a bit, we chose to build a Small Block Ford engine, just to see if that would make things a bit more difficult compared to the the classic Small Block Chevy engine builds. We were genuinely impressed by the array of parts that were available online at summit Sure we were no stranger to the summit site, as we’ve used Summit racing’s site many times before in the past for ones’e / twos’e purchases, but we were blown away as we completed our shopping list of items as well as the availability of Summit’s in stock, ready to ship inventory.

Follow along as we show you how to build this Small Block Ford engine, and see if Summit Racing is a true one stop shopping source for all things horse-power as we share with you the assembly of this 448 CID Small Block Ford engine.

Engine Components from Summit Racing

Block; DRT-3136523 Crank; ESP-435241006200 Rods; ESP-6250 B3D2000 Main Brg; CLE-MS1010H Rod Brg; CLE-CB663H Cam Brg; DUR-351HP Heads; TFS-5261T661-C03 Head Dowels; TFS-51400420 CamshaftH/R; CCA-35-776-8 Lifters H/R; CCA-8931-16 Timing Chain; SUM-G6620-B Thrust Plate; MF-126 Fuel Pump eccentric; M-6287-B302 Timing Cover; SES-5-60-04-201 Harmonic Balancer; SUM-C4269 Water Pump (driver side);SUM-312468 Or…… Water Pump ( passenger side); SUM-312432 Pushrods; TFS-21408500 Roller Rockers; CCA-19044-16 Stud Girdle; TFS-51400701 Valve Cover; TFS-51400802 Intake Dual Plane; EDL-75814 Holley Carb; HLY-0-82750 Distributor; SUM-850312-1 Coil; SUM-850500 Spark Plugs;NGK-2330 Resistor Wires; SUM-881004 Ignition Box; SUM-850610 Thermostat; MRG-4363 Thermostat cover; AAF-ALL-30174 Fuel Pump; SUM-250024-1 Oil Pan; MOR-20507(69 mustang Dipstick; C922 6750-K Flexplate; TCI-529625 Starter Motor; SUM-820055 Windage Tray; MIL-32215 Oil Filter Block Fitting; DRT-32940000 Oil Filter; WIX-51515R Head Gaskets; FEL-1135 Intake Gasket; FEL-1262R Exhaust Gaskets; MRG-5903 Oil Pan; MOR-93162 Valvecover Gaskets; FEL-VS13264T Timing Cover Gaskets; FEL-27091 Rear Main Seal; FMS-M-6701-B351 Oil Pump; SES- 5-60-08-008 Oil Pump Drive; ARP-154-7901  Head Bolts; ARP-154-3603 Engine Bolt Kit; ARP-554-9503 Distributor bolt; ARP-450-1701 Harmonic Balancer Bolt; ARP-150-2501 Flexplate Bolts; ARP-200-2902 Ross Pistons ; Custom, 10.75:1  , 4.170 bore dished Rings Mahle; MLE-4170MS Engine Mounts; PTP-6-503-BL Engine Cradle; POW-POW102131