La Fawnda C-10 from Roadside with Delmo

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Not wanting to be type cast as a patina-only truck builder as a New Jersey actor in Hollywood might wind up in a mob flick; Del Uschenko jumped at the chance to put all of his efforts and work with top of the line sponsors to build a 1965 Chevrolet C-10 in classic but with understated power and details for Tino Garza. The plan was to debut it in the AccuAir corral at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Tino gave Delmo free reign to put forth a powerful, radical yet classic truck, and knowing many SEMA builds end up down to the wire; Del got on the ball right away hitting the web all day for parts.

The first step was the paint, mostly known for preserving and modernizing original, patina touched trucks; Del looked to go all out and started with clean sheet metal to be slicked and painted in a factory Corvette Fawn tone by Lewis Milinich Body Shop in Hanford, California.

Dividing and conquering like Ghengis Shaka Khan, Del and his crew including Devon and Josh; started on the bare frame installing full Porterbuilt Dropmember and 24×15-inch rear Dropmember over a stout Currie Enterprises C-10 Rearend with 35 spline axles and CPP brakes for the huge horsepower that would soon come by way of a fully built 408 LS stroker motor by Mullenix Racing Engines topped with Trick Flow Specialties heads and a Magnuson Heartbeat supercharger.

The goal was to put scrawny trucks and muscle cars in place by hitting over 700 horsepower thanks to a large pulley as part of the accessory drive from Drive Junkies. The hoses and wiring were ran clean by Devon and a Vintage Air A/C system was ran into the restored cab with Fat Lucky bench seat and AccuAir eLevel pad that controls the air suspension supplied by air from a dual pack of VIAIR compressors.

To further separate and evolve La Fawnda, a dual set of wheels were shown off at SEMA. On the driver’s side, Kompression wheels offered a modern luxury styling to contrast the Delmo Specials.

At Dino’s Git Down, after all the SEMA craziness had settled, they guys dropped the tailgate and threw down a few boxes of NYPD pizza, christening La Fawnda. The clean and classic styling with plenty of innovative and modern touches that has all of the features of a performance luxury car but the feel of an old school hot rod, just don’t take it off of any jumps.