Cuda from Renaissance Man

Paul Lee’s love of horse-power inspired him to build a one off version of his dream car, a 1970 Hemi Cuda where as most of us all know that a ’70 Hemi Cuda is not an easy car to locate, and to find one in restorable condition is another feat in itself. Once he found a donor, Paul wasted no time as the car was delivered to Bones Fabrication in Camarillo, California to begin the transformation of Paul’s interpretation of what a Cuda should be. Mounted to an Art Morrison C6/3 link Max G Chassis which includes driveline parts from Strange Engineering, the Cuda sits at a perfect stance atop Weld wheels with Mickey Thompson tires. Horsepower is delivered via an Arrington Performance Gen-2 528ci HEMI, paired with Procharger’s F2 supercharger fueled by an Aeromotive fuel system and controlled by a Holley Fuel Injection setup.

A 1,400HP 528ci HEMI Procharged engine sits under the hood.

The engine was dynoed at over 1,300 horsepower. It’s power is controlled by one of McLeod’s RXT twin disc clutches, and multiplied through a Tremec TKO 600 5-speed gear box. Wilwood brakes are responsible for stopping the beast, as it sounds like a caged animal through the Hedman Hedders and Flowmaster exhaust. The gears are moved by a Hurst shifter. A  Racepak display system allows Paul to view all the vital engine information at a glance without stressing out his eyes. From a far the radiant Red paint that Jim “Bones” Bassett laid down is sure to catch your eye, but upon close inspection of the car, you can tell that no detail was overlooked, as every inch of the car has been painted, plated, polished, or touched, hell even the body bolts are polished stainless steel from ARP.

The cockpit features a Racepak dash and shifter allowing the McLeod Racing RXT Clutch to perform.

Taking people for a ride puts a huge smile on his face as well as most of the passengers that have ridden in it. Most have never heard nor felt the exhilaration of over 1,300 horsepower under the hood which is an experience in itself. Most of the ol’ timers comment that they used to have one just like this back in the day, as Paul’s response is very polite and cordial. He’ll usually smile and give them a little laugh, as on the inside Paul knows that nobody has ever had a Cuda like this before.