Freedom Blues H150 Hanro's H150 Hits the Auction Block for Charity

Hank Robinson aka Hanro fully engraved his Ford F150 truck to honor the sacrifice that his fellow veterans have made as seen in our Etched Freedom episode of Behind the Wheel. Now, he furthers that tribute by putting the truck up for auction to benefit in part the Boulder Crest Retreat

Watch Behind the Wheel Etched Freedom now.

Credits: Freedom Blues H-150 Creator: Hank Robinson, Army Veteran and Owner of Hanro Studios Writer & Director: Robert Vera Video Editor: Mike Weaver Director of Photography: Robert Vera Voice Actor: Robert Vera Camera: Jeremiah Davis, Uplifted Creative Camera: Brian Goude Production Assistant: Blake Curry Uplifted Creative Official Vehicle Dealership of Veteran and First Responders: Peoria Ford, Peoria, AZ For benefit of Boulder Crest Retreat