Behind the Wheel – Etched Freedom Paying Tribute Through Engraving Art

Hank “Hanro” Robinson has made a name for himself in the engraving world, tackling everything from art pieces to show cars and bikes to veteran tribute and memorial pieces. His art has become an outlet from his time in the military.

10 year Army Veteran Hank “Hanro” Robinson discovered his talent engraving during a welding program after the Army. As his artwork has progressed he has paid tribute to his fellow vets and current members of the military through engraving and special programs with Dremel and Wounded Warrior Project.

See the engraving and Hank’s story on Behind the Wheel Episode – Etched Freedom on Amazon Video.

Venturing away from traditional lowrider style filigree engraving, Hanro has focused on paying tribute to his military brothers and sisters through memorial and retirement pieces to his biggest project to date, the full engraving of a brand new Ford F150 to debut at the SEMA show with American Force. All engraved by hand using his Dremel tool, Hank has over 750 hours into engraving alone on the body.

He has brought his love of trucks in as well with his latest build, Freedom Blues a brand new McGaughys lifted Ford F150 fully engraved by hand! As the Ford truck features an all aluminum body, it was perfect for FX Auto Body to respray and Hank to do his work. The exterior pays tribute to his military brothers and sisters featuring several scenes of modern combat and military from Iraq and Afghanistan.