Marvel Mystery Oil Meets H&H Flatheads Touring the Country with Traditional Hot Rods

The Legacy of H&H

Years of rolling up their sleeves for custom builds, from one generation to the next. Learn about the legacy of the world-renowned flathead Ford builder H&H and Marvel Mystery Oil.


Countless time spent in the shop culminates on the track and on the ice for Max Herman and Oilers Car Club at Flat Out Friday, Mama Tried Motorcycle Show and Slippery Sunday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


The passion for motor mayhem is fueled each year at The Race of Gentlemen, a celebration of American car and motorcycle culture. Watch as Oilers Car Club members Max Herman and Mel Stultz run-and-gun on the beaches of Wildwood, New Jersey and as Max sweeps the four cylinder division.


Max Herman and Bobby Green put their heart and soul into building the Wild Turkey Racer for one purpose – breaking records. Gear up as the veterans journey to the Bonneville Salt Flats to break land speed records at Speed Week.