Family Tradition Fishback Racing includes Three-Generations of Desert, Off Road & Motorcycle Racing

Growing up, Jimmy Fishback was always accompanying his father and grandfather to off-road races, motorcycle races and riding around out in the desert. His favorite of the events was the old Mickey Thompson stadium races that allowed the audience to see 100% of the action. As Jimmy got into racing himself, he came up doing motocross and flat track racing at Speedway just as his father had done. It was only natural that when Lucas Oil helped to bring back short course off road racing, similar to the old M/T series. Jimmy knew he had to break into that series.


He started at the bottom, with a home-built kart before purchasing a championship winning ride and took home top prize in that class the following year. Wanting to step things up and race in the main events; the family picked up a pro-lite truck from FunCo and entered the season nearly half way through. Sure, he has had his ups and downs in the highly competitive race world including flipping the truck mid-race. But he came in 16th in points with only a handful of races under his belt and looked to keep improving the next year.


AVT Inc. came on board for 2014 as the title sponsor for the Fishback Racing #48 Pro-Lite allowing the family to keep growing and racing. The pro-life class is highly competitive and has many times been simply about survival. His greatest accomplishment was being pushed back to last place at the start of a race and made his way back up the ranks finishing in second place. Jimmy reached the podium several times in 2014 and is looking to keep in the top three in points this year.