VIAIR Onboard Air Install Off Road Air Supply

Have you been in the market for Onboard Air and wondered how to go about installing one in your vehicle? VIAIR teamed up with Auto Revolution to create a video to help you answer that question! This video features a step-by-step instructions with our Heavy Duty onboard air system capable of filling up to 35” tires. We even had the opportunity to shoot the install portion of the video at the facilities of widely recognized Currie Enterprises! John Currie of Currie Enterprises, discusses the importance of “air when you need it”!

VIAIR Corporation offers a complete line up of Onboard Air kits for the off-road market. Each kit is tailored for various applications including: powering air tools, tire inflation, air lockers, and train horns. Our onboard air kits satisfy small compressed air requirements with a shorter duty cycle, to 100% duty cycle setup for heavier duty needs. Each Onboard Air System comes complete with a compressor(s), air tank, fittings, pressure switch, relay(s), electrical connectors, and all applicable accessories.


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