Behind the Wheel – Mopar Mise En Place

In cooking, having all of your ingredients prepared and organized before beginning a dish is called mise en place. The same is necessary when rebuilding rare Mopar muscle cars. Mopar Mise en Place illustrates Chef Brad Toles’ passion as an award-winning Chef and for classic muscle car restoration. Going on “Nugget Runs” helps him collect the rare, original parts to prepare for the next build.

Chef Brad Toles

Brad Toles is a celebrated chef and Culinary Olympic champion. His custom food creations have been enjoyed by literally 10’s of thousands of patrons through his company, Savoury’s Fine Earth Cuisine. Savoury’s has handled all of the food and beverage operations for the prestigious Palm Springs convention center for the past 22 years – a record run for this amazing location.

But for all the fanfare surrounding Toles food-related efforts, he also has a taste for a very different passion that started at a young age – classic 1960’s Chrysler muscle cars. The parts can be hard to come by. Brad is prepared, his collection of original Mopar parts and classic cars is believed to be one of the largest in the country.

Dedicated to finding unique individuals with diverse and entertaining interests, Auto Revolution’s Behind the Wheel series has become highly popular with automotive enthusiasts searching for something out of the norm. Brad Toles fits that description perfectly.