One ’N Done A Gathering of Friends with Truck Building Mixed In...

A common interest in classic trucks brings together people from all walks of life and every skill level from the casual show goer to the expert builder. Joey Carberry and Dino “Mr. C-10” Battilana looked to bring together all of their friends and make some new ones while helping to provide some education and connect truck owners with industry leaders and builders. From this concept, the first One ’N Done event was conceived. It took place at Dino’s home shop in Phoenix, Arizona with nearly 50 truck and car guys coming in from out of the state and even out of the lower 48. Everyone pitched in and received a hands-on learning experience working on the ’59 Apache while getting advice from the experts at Porterbuilt Fabrication and Del Uschenko of Delmo’s installing a brand new Porterbuilt front and rear Dropmember.


Dino, known for building clean ’60-66 Chevy C-10 trucks and helping bring together the classic truck community in the Southwest; has been working on his latest creation, a ’65 crew cab dually C-10. A truck that never truly existed. While building the chassis, Dino realized that with the added weight and length of the truck and the more than likely possibility of cruising around town with several passengers that a leveling system for the air suspension would be needed. The concept for the next One ’N Done event was born. With the help of AccuAir Suspension and coming off the success of the first One ’N Done event; a second was planned. This time it would take place at Delmo’s shop in Burbank allowing Derek Schaefer of AccuAir to attend and help educate and show everyone in attendance how to install their state-of-the-art AccuAir eLevel air system.

Many familiar faces from the first One ’N Done event attended once again. Even more locals and out of state truck enthusiasts came out including many from Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Illinois and Arizona. The crew jumped right in hearing about the latest generation of eLevel systems from AccuAir thanks to Derek. For those that couldn’t attend, a livestream was broadcast. Proper methods and insider tips for the AccuAir install were shared along with ideas for other custom trucks. With height sensors being key to the automatic leveling features of the eLevel system, Del took the lead locating and installing the sensors before everything was wired up to the ECU and the VU4 air valve block was mounted and connected to the air bags.

“The goal is to educate and inspire…”


Topping off the chassis was a set of Black Widow Exhaust Venom 250-series mufflers. As the project continues, the SBC engine saw Royal Purple Break-In Oil as well as other fluids to help get things running smoothly. Dino and Joey would like to thank AccuAir, Black Widow Exhaust, Royal Purple, Frontier Shop Supplies, Delmo’s, Chevy Only, C-10 Club, Squarebody Syndicate, C10 Talk, CPP, My Stripes, and everyone that attended to learn, pitch-in and hangout.

Word has it that a few more One ’N Done events may pop up next year…stay tuned.