Behind the Wheel – Tradition Recrafted: Old Crow Speed Shop Trailer Debuts on Amazon Video

As part of our Behind the Wheel – Tradition Recrafted series with Meguiar’s Mirror Bright…we explore the stories of those who take pride in celebrating automotive heritage and design in the modern era. Watch on Amazon Prime Video to see Bobby Green of Old Crow Speed Shop’s story.

Watch the full episode of Behind the Wheel S2 E2 Tradition Recrafted: Old Crow Speed Shop on Amazon Video

Bobby Green of Old Crow Speed Shop has a knack for restoring vintage cars, period specific bars, restaurants and maintaining racing history. He knew what he liked, and it happened to vintage. Surrounding himself with timeless, handcrafted and vintage items is something that came about naturally. Having grown up in rural Oklahoma, older tools, equipment and furniture wasn’t thrown out but repaired and still remained in use. Upon arriving in Los Angeles at a young age, Bobby was mesmerized by not only the city itself but the classic and custom cars and hot rods that stood out while he glared out the side window as a young teenager.

Following suit of the original hot rodders picking up older cars on the cheap to fix up and cruise around LA; he bought a 1957 Chevrolet at the age of 16. From there, as Bobby describes “it is a progression of old cars…” you start by fixing something up, then customizing it, then restoring an old car, ultimately creating something from scratch. And he did just that moving on to traditional hot rods, vintage race cars and ultimately building and racing a Belly Tanker at the Bonneville Salt Flats. That love of vintage racing and classic time periods lead to a partnership in The Race of Gentlemen. Transporting visitors back to another time period; the race brings the foundations of auto racing to the beach, where land speed records started. Racers experiencde what it is like to go fast in an old car.

Going fast in an old car, “its excitingly violent.” Bobby describes his racing experiences as.

Watch the full episode of Behind the Wheel S2 E2 Tradition Recrafted: Old Crow Speed Shop on Amazon Video

Keeping an eye for art and design always at the forefront; Bobby took his love of vintage cars, the history of Los Angeles into the hospitality world. Starting with a tiki/sci-fi themed coffee house after attending art school; Bobby Green then moved into the bar and restaurant industry with the 1933 Group. With over a dozen spots around LA, the group seeks to preserve the heritage of not only timeless bars but now restoring languished buildings into their original intended businesses.

That all started with the Idle Hour in North Hollywood, rather than building out a bar in a standard old building; a barrel shaped cafe was rescued from demolition and turned into a destination in Hollywood. In the hot rod and vintage race world, a destination spot of Bobby Green’s is his Old Crow Speed Shop in Burbank, California that houses his collection of cars, projects and vintage items. There they can work on restoring vintage race cars, hot rods and tend to the needs of his bars and restaurants just as it was done in the roots of hot rod racing.

With an idea of keeping the heritage of those roots in the minds of car enthusiasts; Meguiar’s brought back their art deco inspired Mirror Bright detailing line. The throwback products are simple, high quality and like Bobby Green and the Old Crow Speed Shop, remain timeless.

Watch the full episode of Behind the Wheel S2 E2 Tradition Recrafted: Old Crow Speed Shop on Amazon Video