Behind the Wheel S2 E3 The 400R Tradition Recrafted Presented by Meguiar's

Presented by Meguiar’s​ Mirror Bright – This episode of Behind the Wheel explores the art, design and creation of the limited production 400R Porsche from Gunther Werks​. With a team of designers, engineers, artisans and racers; the 400R will see a limited 25 car production run.

The team set about reimagining the lineage of the Porsche 993 bringing forth a modern air cooled GT3 that carries its heritage and design elements in a sleek and modern way. Extending the track width of the 993 for a square platform along with a KW Suspension setup increased the cars handling. From there, the body was redesigned to accommodate the wider stance, and added styling. The overall design was refined by hand with clay modeling before the new production body was produced from carbon fiber.

From there, it was about the details, from the one-off modern head lights, to the sporty interior and modern amenities. Naturally, the air cooled engine didn’t just see a few upgrades but was completely reborn by Rothsport Racing extending its horsepower to 430. The 400R however is intended to not only be a touring/track car but be able to handle the office commute in style.

“You drive an air cooled car by the scruff of its neck and it performs brilliantly…” Amjad Ali

Peter Nam, President of Gunther Werks and Vorsteiner wanted to make sure they kept the car’s Porsche heritage and design cues intact. By matching proportions and curves found on not only the original 993 but in subsequent GT3 models; the car nods to its past and keeps its eye on modern design and engineering.

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