Tried + True – Throwback Tahoe Building an Old School OBS Tahoe

Remember that timeless look from the 90s era of Sport Trucks? Clean, color match, slammed and sporting billet wheels. See how Max Built Autoworks recrafted a classic two-door Chevrolet Tahoe into an old school, retro inspired cruiser.

It all starts with the stance…a classic 4/6 drop thanks to Crown Suspension lowering the two-door Tahoe with drop coils and drop spindles up front; with a flip kit and C-notch in the rear. Boyd Coddington said wheels shouldn’t be larger than 17-inches. So a set of old school 17-inch billet wheels was in order before it headed into the paint booth for a repaint with Createx Colors, color matched accessories and bumpers all topped off with Precision Replacement rubber to seal things up

The old school OBS style cruiser then hit the road.