C-10 Clash E2 Squarebody Air Suspension

The Auto Revolution crew sets about building two classic Chevrolet trucks, a Squarebody and a 67-72 C-10 in two different styles and on different budgets.

With Marcel’s C-10 converted from longbed to shortbed; its time to head up to Choppin’ Block/CB Chassis Products and drop the Squarebody off for air suspension.

With CB Chassis Products’ C-10 air suspension kits, the entire front and rear suspension is swapped out in favor of a full back half that not only could convert a longbed to shortbed but provides all of the mounts for triangulated 4-link air setup, kickup for the rearend and provisions for their fuel cell and air tank mounts.

The front suspension crossmember not only raises up the front crossmember for ground clearance when laying frame and driving low but corrects and improves steering geometry and narrows the track width. Topping things off, a set of 14-inch CPP disc brakes and drop spindles are bolted up along side a set of Slam Specialties air bags.

With the frames of both trucks taken care of, its full steam ahead to begin the customization and restoration of the pair of Chevrolet C-10 trucks.

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CB Chassis Products


Slam Specialties

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