The Race of Gentlemen Vintage Beach Racing Hits the Jersey Shore

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, step right up and see the most exciting, titallating, whiz bang race this side of the Mason-Dixon Line. The Race of Gentlemen, organized by Oilers Car & Motorcycle club features vintage hot rods and motorcycles drag racing on the shore of the Atlantic ocean. The Oilers spent pulled out all of the stops to create an entire weekend and environment that had a vintage 1940s feel.

The weekend started off with a small car show corral featuring many of the race cars and motorcycles culminating in a huge car and chopper party sponsored by DiCE called ‘The Night of the Troglodytes.’ The block in front of the Surf Comber motel was shut down for the cruise night and several bands performed all night until the tide went out in the morning and racing could commence.

The rules for the race or TROG are fairly strict, but with good reason. Early hot rodders organized races on the beach as they were the longest straightaways they could find until higher speeds forced a move to the salt flats of Bonneville. The cars kicking up sand had do be built in a vintage, period correct style and could only run flatheads or 4-banger engines as the small-block Chevrolet engine didn’t exist until 1954. To keep period correct, the motorcycles also had to be pre-1948 as Harley Davidson switched front ends that year ushering in the next generation of motorcycles. The same followed for the environment and attire to finish out the entire vibe with canvas tents replacing ez-ups and vintage tailored clothing.

It was only fitting that the old school traditional style event was hosted in a town featuring a classic boardwalk and retro styled motels. Wildwood, New Jersey is just south of Atlantic City and the Race of Gentlemen practically took over the town as it capped their tourist season off with a bang from a flathead Ford drudging down the beach until the tide came in and a beach bonfire began to close out yet another race weekend.