Routeless Trailer

Its all about getting out on the open road to explore… Join BMX Legend Heath Pinter and Filmmaker Ian Beaudoux as they journey across the country to the Bonneville Salt Flats, Hot Rod Hill Climb, The Race of Gentlemen and the X Games.

But its not just about the destination, but the stops along the way including BMX parks, custom shops including Delmo’s, True Metal Shaping and friends like Carey Hart and Matt Harris.

Watch the series starting 10/20/17 on Amazon Video!


Meet Heath Pinter – BMX Rider/Car Builder

Like most young kids, Heath Pinter started riding his bike to school and with friends; that turned into jumps and riding at local parks before a life of traveling and competing in freestyle BMX. His love of cars has progressed from classic cruisers to now racing and competing around the country with his classic hot rods.

Meet Ian Beaudoux – Filmmaker

Ian Beaudoux‘s passion for storytelling and off the cuff living has lead him on many journeys throughout the world, working with a wide range of clients including NASCAR, MotoGP, Alpinestars, Harley Davidson and A&E Network to name a few. Ian is known for his lifestyle and commercial work and in recent years has become known for documenting automotive and motorcycle culture… It is so inspiring for Ian to be immersed in the culture that he is so passionate about.