Roadside Off-Road to SEMA LGE CTS Builds a Desert Inspired 2019 Ford Ranger


Building a truck for SEMA usually means late nights on a tight deadline. But what does it take when the truck has never been seen in public? The family owned shop LGE CTS has done just that for over 30 years; customizing 8 rides for SEMA 2018. Desert off-roading runs in the family and the Baja inspired builds keep the next generation going.

For the 2018 SEMA show, the shop built the brand new Ford Ranger, turning it into a full Baja inspired desert runner; with the help of Icon Vehicle Dynamics and custom Baja Forged bumpers. But one build is never in the cards for the shop. Also debuting the Ford booth was a vintage overland inspired Expedition. Outside, the crew teamed up with KIA to outfit 4 2020 Telluride SUVs that would see an offroad obstacle course.

Coming up on nearly 40 years in the industry, shop founders Louie and Gerry Morosan have decided to full retire. Handing over the keys to the shop to their industry icon daughters Theresa Contreras and Sara Morosan. They have been running the shop for the last decade, now its just official.

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