Renaissance Man

A Renaissance Man is one who truly possess many talents, and areas of knowledge that have excited our modern culture. In order to coin such a tile to oneself, usually they must fall into categories like billionaire, professional athlete, rock star, or a head of state, and in most instances the media portrays one of these individuals as a super human by plastering their image and likeness all over the media. To some, this is part of the “live big, look larger,” deal, it is all part of the act, but what about the low key guy who has still lived his life to the fullest but without the hype, what drives him?

If you were to meet Paul Lee in person, your first impression of him would be similar to how most executives are portrayed; polite, well dressed, educated, and emitting a high level of confidence. Now, jump into this particular man’s brain, hit the gas and hold on. His mantra in life is to truly live life to its fullest every day, and this rings true as his resume of his past experiences reads like a bucket list authored by a terminal cancer patient.

Paul’s lust for life and competition begun early on, as wrestling was one of his favorite sports while growing up in New Jersey. Determined to be the best, Paul worked his way up through the ranks during High School earning a spot as an alternate for the US Olympic Wrestling Team. While attending college, he discovered martial arts, in which he competed in many events throughout the northeastern states in Shudokan Karate and kickboxing. Upon graduating from business school, Paul took employment at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange as a investment banker, and business lawyer. However, his need for more competition and that adrenaline rush he began to turn his drag racing hobby into a professional racing career capturing several Wally’s and championships as a NHRA Top Alcohol and then Nitro Funny Car driver.


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With over a thousand skydives under his belt, the excitement and drive to perform and compete has overflowed into Paul’s business career as he purchased clutch and transmission company McLeod Racing in 2008 looking to revive the company. It was important to Paul to become a part of McLeod’s rich history of over 45 years in not only racing clutches, but flywheels, bell housings, and hydraulic throwout bearings capable of handing up to 3,000 horsepower, but to expand the line of products to include full drivetrain components including the new Muscle 5 transmission.

Paul’s team of professional engineers have multiple decades of experience in moving horsepower to the ground as all of their components are designed and assembled in house. Several of the employees on staff are current and former drag racers themselves lending their experience and expertise. Their commitment to the enthusiast is not limited to drag racers, McLeod’s product line includes numerous street applications for many domestic, and import vehicles. The company’s iron clad reputation has grown leaps and bounds under Paul’s supervision, as McLeod has went from the Saturday night drag racer’s secret weapon, to a global leader in drivetrain components outfitting countless applications.

Yes it can be said that the future is unwritten, however if it’s up to Paul, I’m sure it will be one hell of a ride…

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