Relaxin in the North West The Awakening A Classic Truck Run is Reborn

Relaxed Atmosphere decided to turn their awesome annual one day show into an even more awesome three day camping extravaganza. Now if you are from the Northwest area of the the U.S. and partook in Mini Truck events in the past you would of heard of Drop Zone. DZ was a legendary event and the guys in RA decided to “Awaken” the NW with another camping style show.

The event was a hit with people coming from all over the U.S. and Canada. Custom trucks, cars, and even big rigs were strewn outside and inside along with vendors, a tattoo parlor, and plenty of good food. Once the sun started setting and everyone had finished their bbq’s it was time to start cruising. This went on till the wee hours of the morning as well as some impromptu dance contests in the camp area. The stage was also going off with an interesting talent show and wet t-shirt contest. From Grinder TV.