E65 Joe Rogan’s Nova, NASCAR Beats Le Mans, Next Gen Performance Cars

Car Guy Confessions
Car Guy Confessions
E65 Joe Rogan's Nova, NASCAR Beats Le Mans, Next Gen Performance Cars

With Jeff Smith, Steve Strope, and Cam Benty

Presented by ARP

The Car Guys are all back together at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Steve shares his recent delivery of Joe Rogan’s custom Chevrolet Nova to Austin, Texas.

Chevrolet brought a NASCAR Camaro, out to compete in Le Mans, smoking the European competition in its class while Ford introduced the Mustang GT3 and Cobra Turbo Electric drag car.

The battle of horsepower and engines, versus torque, electric motors, and zero emissions takes place with new high-horsepower SUVs and luxury electric cars coming out.

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