E53 Builder of the Year Pro Design, Ridler Contender Kustom

Car Guy Confessions
E53 Builder of the Year Pro Design, Ridler Contender Kustom

With Jeff Smith, Steve Strope and Cam Benty

Presented by ARP

Grand National Roaster Show Builder of the Year Mike Filion of Pro Design joins Jeff alongside Rider Great 8 Contender and Kustom of the Year owner Jeff Hess. Pro Design built ‘Olds Sled’ as a modernized, high-level classic kustom.

Mike Filion shares what it takes to build a car to that level and research into the world of car show judges (with ‘alleged’ bribery). Jeff Hess tells of his first custom car, in the late 1950s and convincing New York body shops to try the customizing lead sled tricks he saw only in magazines.

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