E4 Blazer History, K5 or C5, Roadster Hot Rod Trucks and Off-Road Rigs

Auto Revolution’s Influence & Impact traces the automotive history of custom car and truck builders.

The off-road or hot rod younger brother to the C-10 truck, the Blazer is explored. The Chevrolet Blazer and GMC Jimmy are based on one of the most versatile platforms for adventuring families, racers, and off-road mudders alike.

As the C-10 craze grew, so did the Blazer seeing many turn them into roadster-inspired hot rod trucks as well. GM has squandered the Blazer name in the 1990s, with the smaller SUVs taking the name and the CK truck-based Tahoes becoming the most popular.

Recently, the Blazer name was brought back, not to compete with the new Ford Bronco, but as a mini crossover SUV that was more a rental car than an off-road rig or hot rod truck.

Continuing the Chevrolet/GMC truck history is our dive into the OBS, 88-98 CK trucks, starting with the Sport Truck movement in the next episode.

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