Perfect Poise Tacoma Switch Suspension Builds a Charity Raffle Truck

Switch Suspension and Perfect Poise have teamed up to build the ideal starter mini truck. With the perfect 1998 Toyota Tacoma standard cab donor truck and the help of our sponsors and the use of quality suspension products from Switch Suspension, we plan to transform a basic, daily driving mini truck into a reliable custom ride that will be the perfect starter project for one lucky participant. Switch Suspension stands behind the quality products they offer and we couldn’t be happier to have them on board. The truck will be displayed at various events throughout the next few months allowing everyone to see it progress into it’s final state. After completion the truck will make the drive from Phoenix to Prescott on the 2017 Cruise To The Pines and will be on display at the showgrounds before one lucky winner gets their hands on the keys. At the end of the raffle a generous donation is going to be made with proceeds.


From Surface DVD