@Random – Hot Rods by Boyd Talks Cerakote More than Just a Firearm Coating

If you happen to be a fan of firearms industry then chances are by now you’ve heard of a type of coating called Cerakote. Most of the posts, and firearm blogs have been exploiting the look of the firearms that are on display with other military gear. These tactical aficionados swear by the look and performance of Cerakote’s protective qualities as it has become a “must have” addition to firearm fanatic.

So what does it have to do with automotive world you ask? Well I’m glad your asking, but first let’s find out what is it. Cerakote is a ceramic protective coating designed to protect many types of metal to the elements and general wear and tear abrasion. Although it shares similar properties to the ceramic coatings family, Cerakote is a ceramic coating on steroids, as the ultra-thin coating upholds its protection factor way past any other sprayable coating.

Applied using automotive style spray equipment, most applications call for only 1-3mm of product. Compared to 8-10mm of automotive paint, or 15-20mm of powder paint, you can see that Cerakote offers a cleaner detailing than most widely used automotive coatings we’re all used to. The thin coating ensures that edges and details remain as sharp as the designer intended.

Don’t let the call out for a thin spec fool you as Cerakote is still tough as nails over the thicker types of coating one’s used to using in the automotive world. We stopped in with Chris Coddington of Hot Rods By Boyd wheels to see how they consider the Cerakote coating as part of the wheel design itself. Chris has taken hold of Cerakote to not only offer different color variations but to protect both polished and brushed looks on HRBB wheels and even utilized it on various suspension and engine pieces on the Son of Boydster ’32 Boyd Coddington tribute hot rod and his personal retro Boyd built C/K truck with Corvette IRS suspension.

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