Car Guy Confessions E40

With Jeff Smith, Steve Strope and Cam Benty

Presented by ARP

With new California guidelines requiring no new sales of gas cars in 2035…the Car Guys give their input while getting flex alerts reminding people not to charge their cars during peak hours. Jeff and Steve share stories of deer crossings, while Cam does the antler dance.

Hear the horrible fake exhaust sound of the new EV Dodge Charger Daytona SRT all-electric muscle car aka The Wraith, and subscription-based options on BMWs.

The Car Guys share their confessions including Cam sneaking onto the Universal Studios lot for a Ghostbusters car photoshoot, pumpkin car bowling, John Belushi stealing a Half Track, Steve driving under a semi-truck and Jeff asks; Dude, Where’s My Car?

At the end, we have a special memorial tribute to car magazine pioneers Steve Stillwell and “Too Tall” Pat Ganahl.

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