C-10 Clash E1 C-10 Clash Part 1

“We gotta start at the same length and on the same level…” Join Auto Revolution and Brothers Trucks as we dive into a pair of C-10 truck projects built in different styles and budgets. But first, we must shorten a long bed down to size.

With Tried + True, we dive into the behind the scenes of the industry, and see what it takes to not only build the cars, trucks and bikes hitting the streets but the parts, components and builders behind them.

Kicking things off is a battle of truck builds. The ever popular C-10 platform can be customized and built out in a variety of ways, styles and on budgets of all sizes. We take a Squarebody truck and a 67-72 C-10, both drivers and original on two different paths. But first, we must even the score by shortening the long bed 1970 Chevrolet C-10 into a more desirable shortbed.

Thankfully, the guys at Brothers Trucks in Corona, California have a template kit to make it a brainless operation any garage builder can accomplish.