Aaron Kaufman Talks Arclight Fab Gas Monkey Star's Next Venture

Aaron Kaufman – “While this may sound wild or dramatic, very early on in my career as an auto customizer I made a decision that this wasn’t a job this was my craft – a way of life. From that day on, I strived to be better every day learn something new that increased my ability to build cars. From working in smaller shops to building cars for friends in the driveway; I was on a mission to learn as much as possible to expose myself to as many situations as I could in a bit of trial by fire sort of education. Much of the road to here has not been exciting or glamorous …. However there have been some bright spots while at Gas Monkey Garage, a Dallas based hotrod shop. Possibly the brightest spot, having been the tenure on the television show “Fast n’ Loud,” where under extreme deadlines my crew and I built ever increasingly complicated hotrods, racecars and show cars.”

Stepping into a new venture Arclight Fab; Aaron and Jonathan seek to provide suspension and accessory parts for the forgotten trucks of the world, the Ford F-100 platform. From Lowlife Video.